What do You know about Hungary

1. The Hungarian kingdom was founded by the coronation of the first king St. Istvan (Stephanus I). The Roman Pope donated the crown. Which year was this event?

a) 1000

b) 1220

c) 1526


2. What is the capital of Hungary?

a) Bucharest

b) Budapest

c) Warsaw


3. Which state is a neighbor with Hungary?

a) Germany

b) Austria

c) Czech Republic


4.  What is the climate in Hungary?

a) Continental

b) Oceanic

c) Sub-tropical


5.  Which is the longest river in Hungary?

a) Thames

b) Amazonas

c) Danube


6. Which is the proper relation among the territories of the next countries?

a) Hungary is bigger than Germany

b) Hungary is bigger than Sweden

c) Hungary is bigger than Belgium


7. After the Second World War Hungary was occupied by the Russian (Soviet) army. Which year has left Hungary the last Russian troops?

a) 1956

b) 1976

c) 1991


8. The Hungarian language has an archaic grammatical system and is not relative with the indo-European languages (German, Latin, Slavic etc.). Which European language is in relationship with the Hungarian?

a) Maltese

b) Finnish

c) Greek


9. March 15 is a great national day in Hungary. .In 1848 there was a revolution to get independent Hungary from

a) Austrian Empire

b) Turkish Empire

c) Roman Empire

10. A very popular dish is gulash (=gulyas). What is that?

a) Soup

b) Second dish

c) Dessert


11. A popular drink, prepared from fruit is palinka. Is it

a) A non-alcoholic juice

b) An alcoholic drink

c) A cocktail


12. Do the Hungarian people eat pork?

a) Never

b) Sometimes

c) Often


13. Which is the most produced fruit in Hungary?

a) Black-berry

b) Banana

c) Apple


14. Which is the best known wine region in Hungary?

a) Bordeaux

b) Tokaj

c) Porto


15. Famous Hungarian dance:

a) Polka,

b) Kalinka,

c) Csardas


16. Which is a Hungarian invention?

a)  Rubik’s cube

b)  Sun glasses

c)  Pressure cooker


17. Who is regarded as the best Hungarian football player ever and one of the best football players of all time?

a)  Puskás, Ferenc,

b)  Egerszegi, Krisztina,

c)  Talmácsi, Gábor


18. Hungary’s statehood is:

a)  Kingdom

b)  Republic

c)  People’s republic


19. Famous Hungarian composer, the Budapest airport is named by him:

a) Strauss, Richard

b) Puccini, Giacomo

c) Liszt, Ferenc


20. What is the population of Hungary?

a) 3 millions

b) 10 millions

c) 50 millions



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