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Corvinus University ofBudapest
Faculty of Food Sciences

Department of FoodEngineering


Phone: +36 1 4826234

Fax:      +36 1 482 6323





1962     University diploma:                              Technical University of Budapest,Mechanical                                                                                     engineer,specialized on chemical processes

1969     PhD degree:                                         TechnicalUniversity of Budapest

1978     Candidate of Science degree:               Hungarian Academy of Sciences

1994     Habilitation (Dr. Habildegree):             Technical Universityof Budapest

2005     Doctor of Academy degree:                  Hungarian Academyof Sciences


            Working places, positions

1962-1994        Technical University of Budapest,Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Department of                               Chemical Process Engineering,assistant, than associate professor

1995-               Corvinus University of Budapest,Faculty of Food Sciences, Department of Food                                   Engineering, full professor (between1995-2004 head of department)



Fluid mechanics,Heat transfer, Process design, Complex separation processes, Mathematicalmodeling, Optimization methods


            Recentresearch activity

Application ofdifferent membrane-based methods (MF, UF, NF, RO, MD, OD) in new, mild foodprocesses and in environmental protection (fruit juice, wine, vinegar etc.concentration, drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment). Development ofclosed-loop clean technologies with the integration of traditional and membraneoperations. Mathematical modelling, optimization.


            Honour: “Ujhelyi Imre award” for industrial application ofresearch results in the

field of air cleaning and wastewatertreatement. Ministry of Agriculture, Hungary, 2002.


Foreignlanguage skills

English fluent, French medium,Russian fluent, German basic level


            Publication activity in numbers:

Referred papers in English journals (see ACin Publication List)           67

Full text papers in Congress Proceedings inEnglish (see AE)   42

Summaries in Congress Proceedings inEnglish (see AK)                     88

Referred papers in Hungarian journals (seeMC)                                 30

Full text papers in Congress Proceedings inHungarian (se  ME)          14

Summaries in Congress Proceedings inHungarian (see MK)        110

Book chapters                                                                                      6

Patent                                                                                                  1

Supervisor of defended PhD thesises                                                  13


            Activity in international and nationalorganizations:

Council member in the European MembraneSociety

Council member in the Hungarian ChemicalSociety, Membrane Branch

Council Member of the Doctoral School atthe Corvinus Universityof Budapest

Member of the Hungarian Food ScienceSociety

Member of the editorial board of ActaPeriodica Technologica (Novi Sad)

Member of the editorial board of Membrantechnika(in Hungarian)
Head of different consortiums in national and international projects
Scientific adviser in industrial projects
Scientific organizer of PERMEA’07



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