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Curriculum Vitae of  Prof. Gyula VATAI

Born:                                     14.02.1952.Novo Orahovo / Yugoslavia


University Professor,Head of the Department of Food Engineering, Deputy Dean for Education at theFaculty of Food Science, Corvinus University of Budapest, 1114 Budapest,Ménesi ut 44, Hungary

Phone: + (36)-1-482-62-32

Fax: +(36)-1-482-63-23



Qualified chemicalengineer, specialized for the process engineering, Universityof                    Novi Sad, Faculty of Technology, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia,1975


PhD degree, University of Novi Sad,Faculty of Technology, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, 1986

Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1995

Dr. Habil, University of Horticulture and Food Industry, Budapest, 1999

Foreign Language Skills

State Examination inEnglish, 1995

PhD Examination inRussian, 1999

Serbian, Croatian,excellent


He is teaching thesubjects of Food Unit Operations III and IV, which are dealing with masstransfer operations. He is one of the founders of the educational structure ofthe Process Engineering Branch. He developed and first taught the subjects ofModern Separation Processes, Food Process Plant Design and Bioreactor Designand Development. In PhD program of the Faculty he teaches PhD students and somespecial subjects in English language, as well. Based on university student’sopinion his work was qualified strict and high quality. He controls diploma andstudent’s research works, and also tutor of PhD works.

Research field

Application ofseparation processes in food engineering and environmental protection. Heachieved a significant result in elaboration of hydrodynamics and mass transferin bioreactors, liquid-liquid extraction and membrane separation processes. Hisactual research is focused on application of membrane technology in drinkingwater treatment, edible oil filtration, fruit juice concentration with complexmembrane processes and waste water separation as well as modelling of masstransfer in membrane separation processes. He is author of 93 scientific papers,from which 56 papers arepublished in English. He is author of two chapters in technical Englishlanguage books (membrane applications). He is a member of several national andinternational research organizations.

Main achievements

He participated in design of bubblecolumn for acetic acid fermentation, in design and development of thetechnology for urea phosphate production. Also participated in the design andconstruction of pervaporation equipment for Chinoin-Sanofi Co. and membranefiltration equipment for drinking water at Hidrofilt Ltd. He designed themembrane separation apparatuses for experimental laboratory at the Department of Food Engineering.

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